Lake Aire Campground

User Reviews

Florida Life

April 27, 2022

We had a 30AMP w/o sewer (by choice). No problem backing in, spots are far apart enough to be comfortable and secluded. Great views all around the campground!

Brandon W

March 02, 2022

I've been staying here about a month while working in the area and its been great. The folks at the front desk are friendly, helpful, and always smiling. You may see a bright white albino squirrel or funny black ducks walking around when you drive out in the morning. The whole park is surrounded by trees. Bathrooms and laundry are nice and never too busy or crowded . Fairly quiet most of the time, although there are trains that go by once in a while that can get a little loud, but that's not a fault of the campground. No complaints! Better experience at Lake Aire than the other campground in the area!

Haley Marsh

March 05, 2022

Very nice campground. Roads coming in and out were very wide. No issues with trees. Small pool but looked really nice. Kids loved the playground. They are adding more spaces to the park, which is great. Staff was super helpful! We can't wait to come back.

Hans B

June 11, 2022

RV park is very nice situated. They are expanding Should also upgrade the outdated shower and laundry room. Very nice to stay

Brittany Martin

July 08, 2021

I previously gave this campground a 5 star review and I hate that I have to change it, but they SEVERELY ticked me off and disappointed me this past July 4th weekend, and the owner STILL hasn't gotten in touch with me after me speaking my concerns to 3 different staff members, plus his supposed best friend's wife. Our experiences and my review was too long for Google to accept, so please see the screen shots I attached for my review and why I have to now give it just 1 star- I would give it zero right now if it were an option. I know it looks like a lot to read, but PLEASE take the time to do so and you won't regret it. If nothing else, perhaps someone can find some sort of humor or entertainment from our displeasure. Also something to add/note: I overheard the maintenance guy telling another guy that the pool is actually in pretty bad disrepair and it has a huge crack in the foundation and he was actually surprised that it even passed inspection. A little concerning. It appears to be a salt water pool, but it smelled like a dirty pond and was cloudy. Also concerning.... but probably not as concerning as everything else in my review, so please take a look at the attachments. Thanks! UPDATE: I called back once again yesterday, 7/7/21 to check on our lost necklace AGAIN that they promised they would update us on and they haven't. Of course the girl who finally called back toward the end of the day was not there the day prior, so she knew nothing of the necklace or if anyone had found it. She told me she would check with maintenance again and let me know something, but still hasn't. I expressed my discontent with the owner still not contacting me about everything we went through while there and she knew nothing of that either, so I had to give her a summary. She stated that we should not have had to go through that nightmare and that she would certainly have Chris call me back and see what they could do for us, but I have still yet to hear from him 5 days later. I feel this is EXTREMELY unprofessional and as an owner, taking people's money, you should hold some sort of pride in the services you are offering, and if someone has as poor of an experience as we did, you should at the very least be concerned and want to listen to see what you could do to possibly change this in the future. Words cannot do justice to how taken advantage of I feel. I am reviewing this campground everywhere and in every way I can. Hopefully I can spare someone else from wasting their hard earned money here.