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Nick Christakes

October 02, 2021

It's my 2nd go around with the park, having returned here after about 5 years on the road. The owners are always fair and easy to deal with. 5 years ago, they lent me an adaptor to power my 50A RV off of a 30A service. The service overloaded, melted their adaptor, and cooked the service itself. No worries, they had a new 50A service open up right next to it. We relocated and replaced their adaptor, everything was good. It seems they've cleaned the place up a little since then, where they're even busier than ever and they continue to improve the overall park. The view of the mountains is worthwhile and there are restaurants within walking distance. The park is quiet and maybe a little too dark at night but for the price and the seclusion factor, you wouldn't complain.


August 25, 2021

Good place for long term stay. Quite safe great location.

James Miner

May 26, 2021

Clean and nice property. The Staff/family is very nice and has decent rent.

Nicolette Epting

September 29, 2021

Quiet, friendly neighborhood. The electric bill is always inaccurate. The tree limbs need to be trimmed badly, they keep falling on the car's and RV's! The lot we moved on had 0 grass, nothing but DIRT - which is perfect for horrible ants, mosquitoes, 🐛bugs🐛 and TONS of mud when it 🌧rains🌧! Our lot also had a 3" rusted piece of metal sticking up out of the ground which I fell over 3 time's and got injured pretty bad, even breaking my hand. We complained about it 2 time's before I fell but nothing was done about it. Finally after being injured twice, WE fixed it ourselves, we just put orange caution ⚠️ sticks over it to prevent anyone else from being injured. If you're thinking about staying here, you don't want lot #11. If you drive over the metal sticking up out of the ground you'll get a flat for sure and you can't remove it because it goes about 6 feet deep. And good luck when it rains!

Dorothy Steffensen

June 06, 2021

Inaccurate electric bills. Don't be a good renter and pay your rent early. Otherwise very safe,very secure. All in all worth the extra eletric bill . But it is an rv park people come and go at a moments notice.

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